Mosaic Ventures






Our Vision

Our Mosaic consists of the endless variety of architectural typologies, traditions, landscapes, memories, and experiences scattered around Greece.

Mosaic Ventures was established by a team of entrepreneurs from varying professional backgrounds in business, architecture, construction, real estate, and the tourism industry, with strong hands-on experience both locally and internationally.

Our vision is to draw from Greece’s unique characteristics in Mediterranean lifestyle, diverse culture, and distinct landscape and create strong brands in design, lifestyle projects, real estate and tourism.

With strong track record in architectural design, project management, project delivery, developments, and service excellence, we envisage to enrich and cherish the Mosaic.

Mosaic Architecture

Architecture | Interior Design | Construction


A collaborative design platform of Architects, Engineers, and Designers, with a common mission to produce a rich mosaic of ideas and design solutions for our clients.

Mosaic [ moh-zey-ik ] – (architecture)1 a mosaic of Architectural typologies, of diverse landscapes, of traditional influences and historic landmarks in Greece.

Mosaic [ moh-zey-ik ] – (experiences)2 the images of your summer, your lifestyle options and unique experiences.

Mosaic [ moh-zey-ik ] – (design studio)3 a platform for architectural ideas, concepts, and projects that enhance Greece’s competitive advantage in unique living, design, real-estate, and tourism.

  • Masterplanning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction Details
  • HVAC + Electromechanical
  • Structural Engineering
  • Net Zero Energy Design
  • 3D Visualisations
  • 3D Models

Mosaic Villas |

Design | Engineering | Construction | Property Management


We focus exclusively on villa-type properties throughout Greece, providing end-to-end service offering to our clients, through our dedicated brands. Our goal is to offer our clients villa projects that capitalize on the Mediterranean lifestyle, while the property can produce revenue to fund its maintenance, running cost and produce income for its owners.

Mosaic Villas is a specialist brand offering Design, Construction and Property Management services, in custom turn-key solutions.

Our design is modern, offering unpretentious luxury in buildings seamlessly placed in the landscape. The construction quality is of a very high standard and our projects are always completed in time and on budget.

After the completions of construction, we offer property management schemes handling all issues, as if we were catering for our own villa. We design property management packages tailored to the owner needs, leaving them free to enjoy their villa for personal use always in a pristine condition.


Mosaic Villas generates villa estate investments that offer turn-key solutions for future villa owners. The projects aim for villa complexes of supreme design, construction and service excellence.

  • Design & Construction – through in-house capability and an established network of architects and engineers, offering bespoke designs to our clients.
  • Property Management – a complete range of property management services to our clients, ensuring trouble-free ownership in Greece and the property always in perfect condition to house the owners and their guest.
  • Realty services promoting unique Greek villas to the international markets.

Blue Mosaic |

Luxury Villa Rentals | Yachting | Experiences


Blue Mosaic offers luxury villa rentals through a fine selection of exceptional Greek villas, set in inspirational and exclusive locations. Or as we prefer to say, Villas that Host Experiences.

We are not a Travel Agent, nor simply a Villa Agent. We aspire to be an innovative Experience Provider and this is reflected in the 3 core elements of our service offering –

Villa | Yachting | Culture

Blue Mosaic villas are exemplified by unique design, unpretentious luxury, a sense of freedom; a place where you can feel like home with ease, experiencing a great lifestyle.

At Blue Mosaic we’re always ready to provide our guests with the ultimate vacations combining villa holidays with yachting and a wide range of top-notch activities, exclusively designed and tailored to our clients’ taste.

  • An experiential tourism product through exploitation of 3 core elements – Villas, Yachting, Culture.
  • Luxury Villa Rentals offering personalized services.
  • Blue Mosaic check-in experience, welcoming the guests with a welcome pack, show the villa and discuss their needs during their stay.
  • Property specific, carefully selected and continuously updated travel tips and recommended experiences.



  • Concept Studies

  • Architectural Planning

  • Custom Design

  • Turnkey Engineering

  • Redevelopment Schemes


  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Definition

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management

  • Construction


  • Strategy

  • Market Analysis

  • Investment Options

  • Business Planning

  • Partnerships & JVs